Office on the Economic Status of Women


Office on the Economic Status of Women

Office on the Economic Status of Women

"The commission shall study and report to the legislature on all matters relating to the economic status of women in Minnesota ..."
Minnesota Statutes 3.303

The Office on the Economic Status of Women (OESW) advises the legislature and provides information and statistics on women in Minnesota. The office gathers information on population characteristics, educational attainment and enrollments, marital and parental status, household characteristics, labor force status and employment characteristics, and basic information on women's legal and economic rights.

What's New

Recent Publications

  • OESW Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes, 12/16/14
  • Women in Minnesota Legislature, 2015
  • Women's Voices Around the State
  • Older Women Work Roundtables
  • Minnesota Legislative Session Summary 2014
  • Overview of Women's Economic Security Act (Laws of Minnesota 2014, Chapter 239)
  • Minnesota Women's Legislative Timeline (updated July 2014)

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